About Frank

Hi, my name is Francesco Paolucci and I’m a programmer from Perugia, Italy. I graduated from the University of Bologna on the master course called “Software Technics”, an overtour on the most common latest technologies (machine learning, scalable programming, AI). I’m currently based in Bologna since 2016.

Working on my thesis I have discovered a big passion about Digital Publishing and Typography. I have always been a fond reader and the possibility of joining my studies and my greates interest seemed perfect.

I love reading comics, since I was little. I’m a vinyl addict, music guided me through all my life. On my freetime I have fun making comedy videos for my Instagram. I used to be an hardcore gamer, but unfortunatlly the day is still only 24h long and as a computer scientis I need to sleep at least a couple of hours.

If you want to know more about me you can download my resume or have a look at my LinkedIn and GitHub page.